Intelligent water purifier


According to the pipeline design grade, it can be divid […]

According to the pipeline design grade, it can be divided into two categories: gradually tightening water purifier and self-cleaning water purifier. The traditional water purifier is a gradually tightening water purifier. Its internal pipeline design is loose and tight before the filter element. It consists of PP melt-blown filter element, granular carbon, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, and post-activated carbon. It is the 5 levels that are connected end to end. The retentate is deposited inside the filter element and needs to be manually removed and cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation of the machine. The other type is a more advanced self-cleaning water purifier. The two channels are designed inside the machine, and a washing water passage is added. As the ordinary ordinary domestic water, the washing water passes through the passage, and the raw water of the filter element inside the machine, especially the membrane filter. The side is flushed to achieve self-cleaning effect, and the dirt that is originally drained by the opening and closing of the washing faucet is used to discharge the trapped material in time and quickly, and the structure is rationally designed, and the labor is omitted. The trouble of washing and unloading eliminates the re-contamination of the organization itself and at the same time reduces the energy cost. The self-cleaning water purifier adopts the new principle of mass distribution and circulation, and the impurities are cleaned out at any time. The inner core is clean and avoids secondary pollution. See the working principle below for details.
However, consumers should pay attention to the identification. Self-cleaning water purifiers are different from the automatic sewage purifiers, computer automatic flushing water purifiers and automatic backwashing water purifiers seen on the market. The former is self-cleaning, that is, Said that all the filter inside the machine has a certain self-cleaning function. Generally speaking, the self-cleaning water purifier is equivalent to installing a garbage disposer on the pipeline, and the dirt is cleaned up at any time and does not stay in the machine. The traditional non-self-cleaning water purifier is equivalent to placing a plurality of trash cans in the room, and the dirt is temporarily stored in the machine, so it is necessary to regularly discharge, wash and replace the filter.
Intelligent water purifier
It refers to the water purifier equipped with LED display, with voice function, temperature monitoring control, temperature alarm, water level control, water level monitoring alarm and other functions.