RO With TDS Display

Model: RO-50G-9
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: yinyue
Specification: 50 gallons per day
Function: making drinking water
Certificate: CE;ISO9001
Export Area: global
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Using RO filter for the first time

- Turn on the water supply and open the RO faucet,check for leakage of air or water,do not open the tank valve;in few minutes the water starts dripping out of the RO faucet;close the RO faucet and let the water get fully collected in the tank,the pump stops.Once collected in tank,drain all water by keeping the faucet on for few more minutes till it is completely drained.Upon completely drained close the faucet and let the water get collected in few hours depending on the water pressure.
- Now you can enjoy safe and clean drinking water from the second step;do check regularly for leaks;monitor and change the cartridges regularly.


Instructions for correct maintenance

- Periodically clean the filters using cold water and a soft sponge.
- Do not use chemicals or hard detergents for cleaning.
- Before opening the filters close the mains cock or switch on the bypass if installed or release the pressure by unscrewing the breath valve on the filter.
- If not use for long time,change the cartridge or wash and sterilize re-usable cartridge.Clean the product using cold water and soft sponge.
- Always drain the water from filter at least for 5 to 8 minutes after installation;changing the cartridge or re-installation or the product.


Cartridges and function

1. PP filter
This PP cartridge that stains out physical impurities,suspended particles,sediments and rust present in water.
2. Block carbon filter
This active carbon filter cartridge helps to remove 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals with dirt,odor or color in water,making it safer to drink.
3. UDF filter
This UDF resin filter is made of positive ion,helps soften the water;it also helps to improve the smell and taste in water.
4. Membrane filter
This RO membrane filter helps filtering germ,virus,bacteria,corpuscle,heavy metal,other solute and chemical from tap water.
5. Post active carbon filter
The inline active carbon post filter provides the final mineralizing to make water crystal clear.

This machine could shows the TDS of pure water and when could change cartridges.

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